Where do you ship to?

We’re happy to be sending our trinkets worldwide!


How soon will my order ship?

Our processing time is usually 1-3 business days for in-stock items. Crewnecks are made-to-order items and may take up to 30 days to ship. We will post notices if we anticipate personal events or cons will delay our shipping times, and after orders are in the mail they will take 3-5 days to arrive if you live in the US! International orders vary but can take two to six weeks to arrive. 


I put the wrong address for my order, what should I do?

Reach out to us as soon as you can! Not all orders are packed the same day you place them, but as long as you reach out to us before your order has shipped we can correct it for you.


How much is shipping?

For stickers we’re currently using stamps to keep your shipping costs low! We charge a flat $1.50 for US orders and $3.00 for international orders, but this will be subject to change as we experiment and move forward.

Keychains, prints, and makeup bags ship in bubble mailers which cost $5 for US orders, $16 for Canadian orders, and $20 for all other international orders.

Crewnecks will ship in poly mailers and boxes depending on the quantity purchased. US orders will be $8 and international orders will range from $24 to $35 depending on the location.


Will you pay my customs fee?

We’re sorry but no, we are not responsible for any customs fees you may receive.


It’s been a few weeks and my order hasn’t arrived yet, what now?

If it has been more than two weeks since your order shipped (for US orders), or more than six weeks for international orders, please contact us through our contact page, DMs on Instagram, or through email at alchemicodditiesco.gmail.com! However, please understand that once items are shipped, they are out of our control and in the hands of our carrier (currently USPS and UPS).


Can I cancel my order?

Yes, as long as you cancel within the same business day that you placed your order.


Why are crewnecks pre-order only?

We are a two-woman owned and operated business and all embroidery and printing is done out of our homes. That being said, we don’t have the funds or capability of producing large amounts of product nor the space to store all of it. We’re a small and still new business, so taking a set amount of pre-orders at a time stops us from over-stocking but also keeps the number of orders we have at any given time manageable so we can turn orders around and get them sent to you in a reasonable amount of time. Thank you for your patience as we work hard to get crewnecks customized for you!


How do pre-orders work?

We will begin all crewnecks styled with one initial launch, which we’ll always announce on our social media. When drops go live, our trinket collectors can order up to two crewnecks per order. We have a maximum cap of 40 crewnecks at a time to keep our work loads reasonable and make sure no one has to wait too long for their order. Once we get everyone’s crewnecks embroidered/printed and we’re caught up on orders, we’ll announce another drop for trinket collectors to take part in. So if one of our drops sells out, don’t worry! Another one will be coming soon.


What are the crewnecks made out of?

Crewnecks are a 50/50 poly cotton blend fleece knit. They fall slightly on the heavy size and are best for cooler weather.


How should I wash and care for my embroidered or printed crewneck?

For both styles of our crewnecks, a delicate cycle and cold water should be used. Printed crews should be turned inside out to protect the designs. It is best to let both styles air dry, but if you’d prefer a dryer be sure to use the lowest heat possible. If you choose to iron your crewnecks, don’t use steam! For embroidered crews, don’t iron over any part of the embroidery. For printed crews, use a pressing cloth and don’t apply heat directly to the design.


Are you planning on making merch for more anime series?

Yes! We’re not ready to announce our lineup, but know that we have lots more planned!


What about merch for fandoms outside of anime?

This is something we’ve discussed, but that we don’t plan to touch on too soon. So tentatively yes, but we’re not sure when.


Will you restock?

At the moment, yes! We’re planning to restock all of our sticker styles as they sell out, the only exception being our Oopsie Daisies. With crewnecks, we will drop new launches after we’re caught up with our current orders. Keep an eye on our social media to keep up to date on our new drops and restocks!


Are your stickers waterproof?

Our stickers are both waterproof and dishwasher safe.


I have a question not listed here, what’s the best way to reach you?

The best way to contact us is at our email address, alchemicodditiesco@gmail.com. However, you’re also welcome to reach us through the contact form on our site or through DMs on Instagram or TikTok! However you contact us, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.